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The hay fever season from the beginning of spring is really hateful, isn’t it? It makes the nose and eyes itchy and one can not concentrate on work or study.
Benifuki tea our natural green tea product is coming to your help!
Benifuki tea contains great amounts of methylated catechins, components which are known to be effective against pollenosis, atopic dermatitis and nasal cartarrh.
If its hay fever you are worried about, please try our Benifuki tea.


For many years Japan's agriculture ministry has encouraged agricultural cooperatives and affiliated organizations to develop healthier food products. An example of such product is the green tea, Benifuki, which is said to contain hundred times more methylated catechin than regular green tea. Methylated catechin is thought to help relieve the effects of hay fever. Its history is still young but in 1993 Benifuki was officially registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Since then Benifuki tea has become so popular that many companies are struggling to meet demands.

Methylated catechins with their anti-allergic qualities help to fight perennial and seasonal allergies. Their substances are readily absorbed by human intestines and remain longer in our blood cycle than regular catechins.

Methylated catechins ease allergy diseases like hay fever and atopic nasitis!
We recommend this tea for customers who are troubled with symptoms like nose clogging, itching of the eyes, etc.
Our Asamiya Benifuki (2007 product) contains1600mg methylated catechin per 100g

Asamiya Benifuki powdered tea

Use 1 bag (1g) of Asamiya Benifuki to 350-500ml hot or cold water. Stir well.
Feedback from our customers
Every year I suffered with hay fever, but now the itching and tearing of the eyes stopped, my nose clogging also stopped; in addition my itchy athlete's foot condition has been alleviated. Every day I fill my mug cup with Benifuki tea and drink it. In the pollen season I don't want to be without it. ( Mrs. T )
From my childhood on I had allergic nasitis ; my nose was practically plugged all year and breathing sometimes became quite difficult. It only took 30 minutes after drinking my first Benifuki tea and I realized that air was freely passing through my nose. What a surprise!
A Tough Mug filled with Benifuki tea is my constant companion. ( Mr. N )

Our Asamiya Benifuki is cultivated at the famous Fujita tea gardens in Koka city ( Shiga prefecture).
At the harvest time for Shincha ( new tea) in May the buds for the Benifuki are plucked but not manufactured. The buds are stored for 3 months to increase the amount of methylated catechins. At the beginning of August the harvested buds are steamed and rolled then ground to powder, filled into bags and sealed. The month of July with its high temperatures is most important for the natural development of methylated catechin.

Be-1 Asamiya Benifuki Tea
Net weight
1 box = 30 bags x 1 g
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Storage life
1 year
3,375 yen
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Be-2 Asamiya Benifuki Tea
Net weight
2 boxes = 2 x 30bgs (1g each)
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1 year
6,075 yen
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