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All amounts are in Japanese Yen.

Please note that there might be custom fees charged on your order by your country's tax office. For more details please inquire at your local post office.

We ship all items directly from Japan and recommend EMS shipping.
Preferred Shipping is by EMS (Express Mail Service) .
EMS is Speedy, Safe and Reasonable.
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Special customized orders:
We are flexible and want to adjust to our customer's preferences as much as possible.
You may choose delivery methods besides EMS, such as regular Air Mail or SAL (Economy mail). However, since shipments by regular air mail or SAL are untraceable we will not take any responsibility for loss or damage of your order if not shipped via EMS.

For further information on special orders please contact us under:

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Fee information on other shipping methods (SAL and Regular Air Mail)

Explanation for the shipping weight of your order
Total Shipping Weight includes the contents, tare, gift box, shipping carton, etc.
For example the total shipping weight of your order might consist of 4 parts:
1. net weight of the ordered tea e.g. 160 g
2. weight of the bag or caddy e.g. 150 g
3. weight of further packing material e.g. 200 g (fancy box for special items)
4. weight of shipping carton e.g. 300 g ( this is the carton that will contain all your ordered items)
In the example given above the 160 g order of tea ends up with a 810 g actual shipping weight.

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We are flexible and want to adjust to our customer's preferences as much as possible.
Please let us know if you prefer less packaging or want to order tea in greater quantities in a single bag or container.

Here are some possible examples:
1.Most teas you may order in larger bags up to about 1700 g.
2.All Maccha(Matcha) can be ordered in 200 g bags or caddies.
3.Expensive items can be shipped without having them packed in additional fancy boxes.
For further information on special orders please contact us under:
E-mail :

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Company NameMAIKONOCHA-HONPO (Maiko-tea)
PresidentMasayasu Tamiya
Address2-1 Kamidaimon Fugenji Kyotanabe Kyoto JAPAN 610-0322
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TELDr.Ralph Faerber (International Sales Advisor)
TEL +81(80)3840-0028


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2-1 Kamidaimon Fugenji Kyotanabe Kyoto JAPAN 610-0322

Access (Japanese only)

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