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Dream set - Yamashita's Gyokuro and Maikaibari Darjeeling Tea -
A Special Project: Combining the Bests of the World
Dream Meets Reality: Masterpieces of Two Experts Combined in One.

Gyokuro from Japan. Darjeeling from India.

At the Makaibari Estate;
Mr. Yamashita (left),
Rajah Banerjee (right)

The selected Darjeeling from the Makaibari Tea Estates in India, headed by Mr. Swaraj Kumar Banerjee (Rajah), has won the world record price for the best tea, and many more internationally renowned awards.
A master tea-maker with exquisite choice and taste.

Yamashita's Gyokuro, only purchasable through MaikoTea, has also been awarded the best place possible from the national Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries seventeen times in the past, along with many other prestigious awards, nationally and internationally.

We present you with a masterpiece collaboration of the world's best tea experts, Swaraj Kumar Banerjee (Rajah), and Yamashita Toshikazu. Exquisite choice and taste, perfect for a gift.

Makaibari Tea Garden, for Indian Darjeeling

Ooishitaen (Shaded fields), for Yamashita's Gyokuro

Gyokuro and Darjeeling Tea
Dream Set
Net weight
Gyokuro Yamashita-Jirushi
80 g (2.82 oz) in caddy
Darjeeling Tea (Black tea)   50 g (1.76 oz)
in gift box
Shipping weight
Storage life
10 months
6,750 yen
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The Mystique of Yamashita's Gyokuro, Now and Beyond

March 2004: Instruction on the Temomi Method - at Makaibari, IndiaJune 2005: Instruction on the Temomi Method - in Kyotanabe City, Japan

Master Yamashita Toshikazu's Gyokuro Craft Crosses Borders

June 2003

First Encounter
Rajah Banerjee, head of Makaibari Tea Estates in India, visits Japan and receives instructions from Master Yamashita Toshikazu on the Gyokuro processing method Temomi (hand rolling).

Fascinated by the art of Gyokuro processing, Rajah Banerjee asks Mr.
Yamashita to visit his own tea garden (the Makaibari Tea Estates)
in India.

March 2004
Master Yamashita Travels to India
Master Yamashita and his disciples travel to the Makaibari Tea Estates in India to give guidance on the Temomi (hand rolling) Gyokuro processing method.
The hand-rolled "Organic Darjeeling Gyokuro" turnes out to have a more astringent flavour, close to Japanese Sencha.

June 2005
Rajah Banerjee's Second Visit to Japan
Again, Rajah Banerjee visits Master Yamashita to receive additional guidance on the Temomi (hand rolling) Gyokuro processing method.

Since then, Rajah Banerjee, jointly with the Makaibari Tea Estates Body, continues to work towards the debut of the first Indian Gyokuro.

Master Yamashita's disciples are planning to make a visit to the Makaibari Tea Estates again in India this year, in 2007.

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